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"Thank you for all your skill and guidance recently. Your empathic , calm and sensitive approach gave me the confience to move on without the weight of those negative childhood experiences. I feel sure it is helping me cope with life's up and down's in a way, Thank you."
C 2017 

"When I see Wendy I feel like she's right there with me. Wendy is a gentle and nurturing soul who has helped me to craft forgiving inner talk, understand myself in a more positive light, and process very difficult experiences which nearly killed me. Above all else, Wendy has given me hope."
L 2017

"When I came to you first in December I was an absolute mess and just didn't know what to do. Everyone in my world had an opinion on what was best for me, or what they thought was right, but of course their own agendas clouded their thinking and guidance. Processing what I was going through with you enabled me to see that I could make decisions for myself about my own life, even if it conflicted with what others might think best.
I now feel like I've walked free from a huge weight of expectation and responsibility and it feels so releasing. I still have wobblers, but I know I can cope with them and carry on walking in freedom.
I'm so grateful for all your help with this and have already recommended you to others.

K 2016

"Just a short note to say thank you so very much for your wonderful help. On my first visit I felt a complete wreck, feeling that I was losing myself into a sea of anxiousness. By the time of my last visit I felt so light and calm. I feel I can go forward with my life as a normal person and may even start to look forward to occassions and situation that I once dreaded and felt I couldn't cope with."
M 2014

"Thank you so much for everthing. I really don't think I would of gotten to this place without you. I have become the happiest in not just months, but years! Thank you for walking besides me on this jouney- my life has changed for the better."
K 2014



“You saw beneath what I presented you with and explained to me why I was who I was and how I could change it if I wanted have given me the manual and helped me on the path and I no longer feel afraid of making my journey through life.. you have been a safe haven, a teacher, a source of love, support and strength.. but I am excited now I know I can do it..eternally grateful and ever growing."
K 2013


 "You are such a treasure box!  Full of treasure to share with other people.  I'm so thankful for your time, patience and radical compassion.  I'll never forget how you helped me come from a dark and desperate place to one of light and hope.  Thank you!!"
C 2014


“You have helped me explore and given me what feels like a “gift” of awareness”
S 2012


"Thank you so much for helping through such a difficult time and so much more.. It was like you saw the real me. Thank you!"
A 2012 


“There are no words to express how you have helped me ... I was broken and you helped me find my voice enabling me to integrate bringing all the pieces together. Thank you.”


C 2011








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